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      New Interactive Forum Game   05/19/2017

      To make the forum a bit more fun to browse, Ill be adding a forum game over the next days. It will be interactive, which means you can decide your own fate and feature prize pools. Im still coding it, but stay tuned in the News Subforum!


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  1. "Its shit" Vouch for this statement
  2. Yeah, it must feel odd for him that the memes are already treating him as dead
  3. I just hope for him that It'll be painless, Stage IV cant be stopped D:
  4. Just paste the youtube link, dont embed :)
  5. You're not even a real german lol
  6. 10$ Giveaway As thanks for being on the forum I'm giving away 10$ PayPal, Bitcoin or Steam Code - the winner can choose! DEADLINE - 21.06.2017 Post a dank meme to enter! 1 meme = 1 entry Dankest meme wins, bonus points for OC Good Luck
  7. Its " understandable, have a nice day "
  8. That video gave me cancer, what is it about?
  9. Center it to the middle to make it look nicer
  10. Moving this and you got 1 warning point
  11. Adding filthy frank doesnt make you a memer
  12. Nice thread man
  13. I really like the Hetzer and the Maus
  14. Solid memes