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      New Interactive Forum Game   05/19/2017

      To make the forum a bit more fun to browse, Ill be adding a forum game over the next days. It will be interactive, which means you can decide your own fate and feature prize pools. Im still coding it, but stay tuned in the News Subforum!


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  1. Same .... :( just join the discord server
  2. I aint a native speaker on my language both. Are equal for this case
  3. there isnt something new the last 2.5 months
  4. You mean behind the normie where we kill memes
  5. WHY THIS FORUM IS DEAD AFTER 4 MONTHS? what hapened to evryone ?
  6. i pmed him 4 months ago about this as you can see he uses fl studdio and sony vegas ,as a amateur intersted in video/photo/audio i recomend audacity camtasia studio and photoshop and eve microsft paint for simple things all of the 6 softwares require knowlage and learning!! hope i hepled
  7. sadly it dead now #fuckbehindthememe
  8. Yeah .... its boring and also he culd use the new nsane trilogy remaster one
  9. Grandayy is only posting whoa memes witch are getting borring for me if you agree comment here grandayy should make something better in my opinion
  10. Hope so but probably not Yeah since he is dead ratio is over 99% I hope it will happen painless and sleeping Yeah agree he will always be the meme guy cpuse the meme guy doesn't mean the mEmE is dead he will still be our number one Idk why I ain't t as of me I just treat him as someone that left a mark
  11. I want this to be the most serious post of the whole site please not shitposting Stafan karl Stefanson (july 10 1975) has diagnosed with 4 degree of cancer that means he will probably die soon Overall he left a huge impact on memes so I made this post as a tribute you guys can post your opinion for him maybe as meme or even idk a childhood hero.......? Plz Robbie dont join gabe and harambe :( Btw you can donate to him here(he reached his goal of 150 k yesterday) https://www.gofundme.com/2tm9tqk
  12. HeLlO GyUzZ mEmE lOrD gRaNdAyY mAdE a CaRrOt FlAuTe ViDeo WhErE hE ShOwEd PrOBaBlY HiS fAcE Do YoU AgReE iS It MaSkS OfF https://youtu.be/PCPddxa-Qz4