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      New Interactive Forum Game   05/19/2017

      To make the forum a bit more fun to browse, Ill be adding a forum game over the next days. It will be interactive, which means you can decide your own fate and feature prize pools. Im still coding it, but stay tuned in the News Subforum!


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  1. Hello Internet, and welcome to Behind the Meme, where we take a look at the meaning and origin of your favorite memes and trends!
  2. Hello, people i want to talk about an inhumanic crime called. . . . . MEME STEALING I personaly see a lot of stolen memes that ruin this place.. sometimes they are so stolen that even the text is blurry or it looks like the picture was taken by a guy that had an epileptic seisure So i think we should fight against it by showing that stolen memes have no place on this dank site! By fighting this plague that took over our community we should.....Call out meme stealers on their evil deeds and make dank fresh memes ourselves without taking other memes! To show your support upvote this post! May the memes be with you...
  3. Yo deez memes aint yours! Il show u memes that are made by one and only me the meme beast